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Inbrit Solar sealed gel battery ( QC30-NCG )

  • In sealed gel battery, the electrolyte is immobilized as gel. Generally, gel batteries have a longer service life and better cycle capacity than AGM batteries.
  • Inbrit solar gel battery ( QC30-NCG ) is an ideal choice for solar street lights and off-grid solar systems.

Features of Inbrit Solar sealed gel battery

Sealed And Safe Construction
The gel battery's construction and sealing technique guarantee that no electrolyte leakage can will occur from the terminals or casing. This feature insures a safer condition for batteries.

Low Pressure Venting System
Gel batteries are equipped with a low pressure venting system, which operates from 1 psi to 6 psi. The venting system is designed to release excess gas in the event that the gas pressure rises to a level above the normal rate. Afterwards, the venting system automatically re-seals itself when the gas pressure level returns to its normal rate. This feature prevents excessive accumulation of gas inside the batteries.

Heavy Duty Grids
The heavy-duty lead calcium-alloy grids in gel batteries provide an extra margin of performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications, even in conditions of deep discharge.

Minimum Memory
The deep cycle sealed gel battery is designed to discharge and recharge without damage as the battery has very little memory.

General dimensions & weight of Inbrit Solar sealed gel battery

Model Dimension (Length*Width*Height*Total Height) Weight(kg)
24AH (QC30-NCG-24) 165*126*172*179 8.3
30AH (QC30-NCG-30) 196*165*174*181 10.5
40AH (QC30-NCG-40) 196*165*174*181 12
50AH (QC30-NCG-50) 229*138*210*230 15
60AH (QC30-NCG-60) 350*166*174*174 18.1
65AH (QC30-NCG-65) 350*166*174*174 19.1
70AH (QC30-NCG-70) 350*166*174*174 20.1
80AH (QC30-NCG-80) 329*172*214*236 24.7
90AH (QC30-NCG-90) 329*172*214*236 26.3
100AH (QC30-NCG-100) 329*172*214*236 28.2
120AH (QC30-NCG-120) 406*174*208*232 33.4
150AH (QC30-NCG-150) 483*170*240*240 41
180AH (QC30-NCG-180) 522*240*219*244 53.6
200AH (QC30-NCG-200) 522*240*219*244 56.7
220AH (QC30-NCG-220) 522*240*219*244 58.7
250AH (QC30-NCG-250) 520*269*220*245 67.2

inbrit Solar also produces plastic battery box to hold the gel batteries.

Features of Inbrit Solar plastic battery box

  • ABS engineering plastic
  • IP67, nice waterproof function
  • Mould pressing forming
  • Various dimensions to be chosen, OEM service is also available

Features of Inbrit Solar's metal battery box

  • Q235 steel
  • IP 65, perfect anti-water function
  • Equipped with a special lock, excellent anti-theft performance
  • Different dimensions for your choice, OEM service can be provided