General introduction of Inbrit QC30-S1

  • Inbrit smart solar street light (QC30-S1) comes with creative design features and has become the most popular product of Inbrit Solar since it was launched at the end of 2016.
  • Inbrit solar all in one solar street light QC30-S1 series have integrated LED lamp,controller and lithium battery into one device. The whole device only needs to be connected with solar panel to work. Much easier installation than ever, and it can help save 50% less installation cost.
  • Inbrit smart solar street light can automatically switch to charging mode in the daytime and lighting mode after sunset. When movement is sensed, the light activates an output of 100% efficiency with its PIR motion sensor and returns to 30% energy-saving mode if no movement is sensed.
QC30-S1 02QC30-S1 03

Applications for Inbrit Solar QC30-S1 series:

Street / Government Project / Garden / Courtyard / Roadway
Pathway / Public Square / Campus / Parking Lot

Model QC30-S1-16 QC30-S1-20 QC30-S1-24 QC30-S1-30 QC30-S1-40
Part1:LED lamp Lamp power 16W 20W 24W 30W 40W
LED Chip Brand Bridgelux
Color Temperature 3000~6500K
Lamp Efficiency >120lm/W
Fixture Material Aluminium alloy
Fixture Color Grey/Blue/White
Lifetime More than 50,000 hours
Part 2:Lithium battery Capacity 16AH 20AH 24AH 30AH 40AH
Part 3:Controller & Sensor PWM or MPPT controller for option;
PIR or microwave sensor for option
Suggested Mounting Height 3~4M 4~5M 4~5M 5~6M 6~7M
Suggested Solar Panel Power 70W/18V*1 pc 80W/18V*1 pc 100W/18V*1 pc 120W/18V*1 pc 145W/18V*1 pc
Controller PWM or MPPT controller for option
Working hours The default working time is 10 hours, if you need other working time, please kindly contact us for customized design
Working temperature -10℃~60℃
Sleeve diameter 60mm
Dimension 580*260*85mm
IP Rate IP65

Detailed picture for Inbrit Solar QC30-S1 series:

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