Gel Battery Solar Street Light

Category QC30-NM


  • Patented design, module LED, excellent heat dissipation performance.
  • Efficiency of 150lm/w, small lumen depreciation, high color rendering rate and uniform brightness.
  • Inbrit QC30-NM series are composed of separate DC lamp, solar panel, controller, gel battery, lighting pole, anchor bolt and cable. The working mode can be designed according to your requirement.

Category QC30-NS


  • High pressure die-cast aluminum fixture, resistance to impact.
  • Pure polyester spray coating on surface, corrosion resistant.
  • Bat-wing type light distribution, higher illumination uniformity, light efficiency up to 150lm/w.

QC32-LH 05


  • TOP 3 best selling solar street light model of Inbrit.
  • Nice and competitive choice for countryside and small city roads.
  • Wide range of temperature colors to be chosen, more than 50,000 hours working time for LED lamps.
  • Various colors and powers to be chosen, which helps to suit your different needs for solar street lights.