Category Sealed Gel Battery

Sealed Gel Battery

  • In sealed gel battery, the electrolyte is immobilized as gel. Generally, gel batteries have a longer service life and better cycle capacity than AGM batteries.
  • Inbrit gel battery ( QC30-NCG ) is an ideal choice for solar street lights and off-grid solar systems.

solar penal

Solar Panels

  • Inbrit only uses Grade-A cells with efficiency up to 18.5% achieved through modern production technology.
  • Inbrit panels have perfect weak light performance ( morning, evening and cloudy days ) to ensure the working of solar street lights.
  • Inbrit panels’ reliable quality guarantees the excellent function for solar street lights in harsh environment like desert or seaside.
  • The developing technology allows us to make thin and light solar panels. Easier installation and helps to save transport costs.

Category Battery Box

Battery Box

  • ABS engineering plastic
  • IP67, nice waterproof function
  • Mould pressing forming
  • Various dimensions to be chosen, OEM service is also available

Category Controller


  • Discharging efficiency up to 96%
  • IP67
  • Wide range of output voltage, helping to be adjusted to different watts of LED lamps
  • Three-period working mode, clients can set the working mode according to different need
  • Adjust the power of loads automatically, according to the remaining power of the gel battery, helping to make the working time of solar street lights 90% longer than normal controllers